Dyvim's Ashford Project Application

Ashford Arms
House Ashford of Ashford is a noble house from Ashford in the Reach.
It blazons its arms with a white sun-and-chevron on orange.
According to semi-canon sources, their words are:
"Our Sun Shines Bright".



The Keep:
- The shape of a triangle with round towers 30' high at each point and thick crenelated walls running between. (THK)
- Back of the stable inside the yard is a turret built into an angle of the curtain wall. Steep stone steps leading up to the wallwalk.
- A stables. (THK)
- A yard. (THK)
- A small hall. (THK)
- A lord's solar. (THK)
- Gates and a portcullis. (THK)

The Meadow:
- A grassy field that lies outside of Ashford, across the river from the town. (THK)
- Home to the Ashford Tourney of 209AC. (THK, WOIAF)
- Serves as a commons in normal times. (THK)

The Area:
- The ford is shallow, the town and castle are on the other side of the river from the meadow. {THK)
- Robert Baratheon was 'defeated' (indecisive victory) at the Battle of Ashford by Mace Tyrell. (WOIAF, ASOS)

The Town:
- 'Prettier than most'. (THK)
- Whitewashed houses with thatched roofs. (THK)


TheDesertFox202 has, in my opinion, done an excellent job on the keep of Ashford itself.

The lore states it should be triangular, with 30' high towers. Knowing that those towers were quite short, he built them a bit taller, of an appropriate height.

However, bringing the castle true to canon would require as much effort in retooling the existing structure as rebuilding from scratch. After doing a lot of thinking, I've decided that it would be in the canon's best interest to rebuild the castle. I've had the great fortune to be inspired by Tsar, as he has an excellent plan on his plot for the castle itself. With his permission, I've adapted it to be as canonically dedicated as possible. The layout below details more of the castle itself. (And despite the image directly below, the access to the castle will NOT be through a tower)

I plan on greatly modifying the lands as well (see below).

I want to bring the lands up to date for the relevance of the build in comparison to it's surroundings. It's one of the few 'towns' mentioned, and I want it to have the appropriate lands and building density worthy of being on the map.

I want the town itself to have a much larger amount of the canon whitewashed houses. There's very few there currently to warrant it being canonically noted.
Additionally the canon mentions that the town is also heavily thatched. But that was over 100 years ago, and I plan on implementing a few jungle wood roofs, and brown slate, where applicable.

The peripheral areas will have a smaller amount of whitewash, lending to more of a whitewash daub and wattle (see tests).

I'm considering displaying the construction of town walls around some of the town itself, as opposed to complete walls like Tumbleton or the absolute absence. I need feedback on that before I progress on that.

I'm keeping the settlement names of Harridan's Mill and Tyndale, though the latter I plan on moving, while making both of them properly sized settlements. There will be several other settlements and minibuilds within the project scope.

Naturally, I'll get feedback on my town's wool layout once it's in place with mods before I open it to building, to ensure that the town is of proper shape.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

* Please note that both the original and modified come with a collectible NewEnglandRed09 minifigure.

Labeled Image



The tests are visible on my test plot at /warp Dyvim. Or lorddyvim, for ye ancient folk.

Low class house tests
low class 1 low class 2

Middle class house tests
low middle class middle middle class

High class UPDATED AND SHORTER (town) house tests
low high class

Since canon dictates that the houses are whitewash, thatched, and the area is wealthy, I plan on the vast majority of houses being thatch. However, a good amount will still be oak, jungle, and brown slate roofed.

Additionally, there will be glass used more frequently to show wealth, and perhaps the middle class aren't as destitute. I don't mean books all around, but a slightly better standard of living.

I don't plan on as dense a town as Fairmarket, but there will certainly be more of a town feel too it, with the taller and more wealthy houses in the center. There will likely still be manses in the periphery of the town, and they'll likely be all stone in their construction, similar to other Reach-y manses.


Terraforming will be extensive.

- I'll be applying for E-Lite to perform the terraform myself. I've been an editor before, and have done quite a bit of editing on many projects. References upon request. =P

- The river will be modified in detail (not in course) to provide a more realistic flow. It will be widened greatly at the ford itself, and made shallow at that area, in a more realistic fashion.

- Additional streams, including the canon brook east of the meadow, will be added throughout.

- Forests (of region specific trees) in the green areas will be more dense, but thinner naturally towards the edges.

- The white field areas aren't indicative of the field shape, but the area that pastures and fields will encompass. Newer fields, such as in the area around 6, will be more similar to Cockshaw's field layout methods to the south. While older fields closer to the town itself will more similar to Appleton's, to provide a smoother field transition between the two nearby projects. Additionally, the fields near the septry will have a more Harvest Hall shaped influence, so this area will encompass a variety of types and provide a steady agricultural transition between projects.

- The septry and some of its surrounding land will be relocated more to the south to accomodate the meadow.

- Having spoken with NewEnglandRed09, the Cockshaw lands and Ashford lands won't overlap, so plans here aren't subject to conflict.

- And roads, of course, will need to be laid.

Labeled castle



gradient test


As always, input and feedback are welcome. Thanks for taking a look!

(And special thanks to Tsar, Kulmen, Discs, Iwan, and of course, DesertFox!)